Off Highway Mining Trucks

About Us

Established in 1977, ESPIC has been distributing/exporting high-quality new parts at low cost to companies world-wide. Following strict I.S.O guidelines our original manufacturer component parts have always been manufactured in the USA.

Having been in the mining production parts business nearly four decades ESPIC is fully aware of what a stoppage of even a few hours’ means to your production. With a knowledgeable staff, the finest parts and global freight expertise delivery we pride ourselves on fitting the right part for the right circumstance as quickly as possible.

We are well aware that unlike other businesses mining is unique in that involves specialized machinery that needs to be serviced and fitted with only the highest-quality parts. With production profit on the line every day we understand the specific pressure placed on your machines, parts and vehicles.  Your mining production is important to us, and we know you cannot trust these concerns to just anyone. This is why ESPIC has maintained a reputation for reliability and consistency in service for nearly 40 years.

We are proud to serve the world mining community, completely confident that our parts have passed strict guidelines and will be delivered to you at a reasonable cost and in a time efficient manner.



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