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Heavy work load, complex equipment machinery, out-of-the-way locales are the hard realities of mining production; don’t let a replacement part be an extra concern. ESPIC has been supplying OEM USA-made mining parts for 35 years, and can fulfill any order at any time for any production around the world.

Keeping your businesses at the peak of production is ESPIC’s business.

Under strict I.S.O guidelines our parts are manufactured for Off High Way Trucks-mechanical break down or preventative maintenance; High Voltage Couplers-technical and accidental failures; both Underground and Open Pit Mining-replacements for arduous workload vehicles.

The ESPIC staff is acutely aware of all your particular needs, even in fitting those hardest-to-find replacement parts. Please contact us for a quote.

We Carry Parts And Equipment For :

Off Highway Trucks

Info Off Highway Mining Truck
Highest Quality Original Manufacturer Parts

Mining vehicles don’t only rely on their hydraulics, but also their many complex mechanical systems as well. Whether you’ve suffered a mechanical break down or are doing preventative maintenance on your off highway mining equipment we carry the original manufacturer parts you need.  

High Voltage Couplers

Mobile And Fixed Mining Productions

Portable Cable Systems Couplers / Plugs-Receptacles Cable Couplers Identification & Application Couplers are utilized in underground, strip, and pit operations on every continent in the world. Adalet PLM Cable Couplers providesafe, convenient means for connecting portable cable rated up to 15,000 volt and up to 500 Amperes, copper or aluminum conductor to mining equipment, electric shovels, drag lines, loaders, barges, tunneling machines, portable substations, portable junction boxes, or for joining lengths of high voltage cables. APPLICATIONS Extending Portable Cables Mine Power Cables Electric Shovels, Drills,…

Underground Mining

Info Under Ground Mining Scoop Tram
Development Mining Or Production Mining

Maintaining safety standards relies on having equipment that is running properly. Harsh underground environments will take a toll on scoops and shuttle vehicles. We carry only quality OEM mining equipment for any underground production.  

Open Pit Mining

Info Open Pit Mining Drill
Maintain Mine Production With OEM Parts

Efficient mineral and rock extraction depends on a equipment reliability. Unfortunately, the heavy workload on drills and other mining vehicles often leads to breakdowns and failure. We understand that every day lost to these mechanical failures reduces overall mine production.    

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